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Release Notes: 2023.02.15

  1. Added Guardian Asset Management to our list of Property Management Companies.
  2. Changed the icons of comps and potential comps to be different and make more sense.
  3. Fixed an issue where if you removed a strategy while you were looking at it, you would remain on an empty page.
  4. Also fixed an issue where editing the portfolio or strategies of a property would slow the user’s experience down.
  5. Added product tours to the BOR strategy.
  6. Adjusted how we handle pricing for Enterprise sign ups.
  7. Sqft and Lot Sqft fields now accept decimals.
  8. Made the rent value universal for all strategies except BOR and STR.
  9. Made the HOA value universal for all strategies.
  10. Made the vacancy rate value universal for all strategies that use it.
  11. Made the other income value universal for all strategies that use it.
  12. Fixed an issue where creating a multi unit property would duplicate the values into all units.
  13. Added the ability to add a custom number of units for a multi property. 
  14. Fixed an issue where Resale price wouldn’t be populated.
  15. If a property has more than 5 images, we no longer show the Come Home link.
  16. We adjusted the rent data sources now that we use House Canary.
  17. Made adding single comps, just like adding a single property.
  18. Added the ability to add all images to the end of the proforma. This is also available for when you share a proforma via email.
  19. Updated our property layout cards in Org and Property Settings.
  20. Added data handling of shared properties for different scenarios.