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Release Notes: 2022.12.21

  1. Fixed an issue where the Comps tour was not highlighting the Comps button.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Amortization showed a negative pay down when expenses were greater than income.
  3. Fixed an issue with adding team members where if you added multiple users one right after another, the first user’s data was still shown.
  4. Fixed an issue where a newly added user’s image would not show in the Edit User dialog until the page refreshed.
  5. Changed how the editing user functionality works.  An Admin can change all of a user’s information if that user belongs to only one organization.  If they belong to multiple organizations, most of that user’s information cannot be edited.
  6. The applicant options in the Lender Application are now active users of the Organization. Each user can now enter lender application data.  When that data is filled out, we can pre populate many fields required for the lender application process.
  7. Fixed an issue where an error would display to the user when a portfolio was deleted.
  8. Fixed the look of the Upgrade Plan dialog. 
  9. Fixed the Upgrade Plan dialog’s use existing card feature.
  10. Added the ability to create new extra tag options, as well as delete extra tag options, for properties being listed on the Marketplace.
  11. Added a welcome video field for affiliates in our internal Admin page.
  12. Fixed some buttons that were not working in mobile view.
  13. Fixed an issue where delisting a property from a shared Marketplace would also delist that property from personal Marketplaces.
  14. Changed our chat system to Hubspot.
  15. Added all rehab options on the Wholesale strategy page.
  16. Fixed some incorrect values shown on the Build To Rent Southern Impression proforma.
  17. Fixed an issue where the tooltip of a textfield would cover and prevent the user from clicking Menu options.
  18. Added some helpful details to internal emails to help reduce troubleshooting times.
  19. Fixed an issue where the Wholesale Resell Price would pre populate with a negative value.
  20. Test data from development gets deleted from Stripe’s Test Account automatically now.
  21. Fixed an issue where the Map View would show more properties than there actually were on the Housefolios Marketplace page.
  22. Added the ability to add/remove visible strategies on the Property Dashboard for a specific property.
  23. Added the ability to demote a comp to a potential comp.
  24. Fixed an issue where the strategies field was not showing when duplicating a portfolio.
  25. Added the ability to analyze a Marketplace property with current data or with end buyer data.  The current data is the default and recommended method.
  26. Fixed an issue where deleted properties would not get removed from inactive accounts.
  27. Changed how the compare estimates functionality works on the property dashboard. Instead of a bar at the bottom, an icon appears to the left of the actions button.
  28. Fixed some issues that caused the compare estimates to show more than it should have.
  29. Added a pop up on the Org Assumptions page when you try to leave the page and you have unsaved data.
  30. Made the critical fields dialog look better and more organized. 
  31. Added the data source buttons to the critical fields dialog.
  32. Added the ability to bulk update specific fields of properties on the Marketplace.
  33. Made our workflow code more generic to make things easier for developers.
  34. Added an integration with Spruce for ROITK.  This will allow them to submit title orders through Housefolios.
  35. Added the ability for users to use their own Google analytics for their Housefolios Marketplace.
  36. Added the ability to create new rehab tier options as well as delete rehab tier options.
  37. Short Term Rental now factors in multi family settings into calculations.
  38. Added a button for users to connect with Birmingham Insurance Group to get insurance for their properties.
  39. The proforma page will by default show the proforma of the strategy that you were last on, or it will show the proforma that matches the property’s strategy.  If we do not have a proforma for the property’s strategy, it will show Buy & Hold.
  40. Fixed an issue where the email proforma wasn’t working for proforma’s with larger images in them.
  41. Added the ability to grant shared users the ability to edit properties or portfolios.  This is selected when you share the portfolio or property.
  42. Added the ability to grant shared users the ability to list on a shared Marketplace without needing approval from the owner of that Marketplace.
  43. Added the ability to change what logo shows on the proforma.
  44. Fixed an issue where the Marketplace card had two %% in the calculation values.
  45. Changed internally how we determine if a Marketplace is considered ready.