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Release Notes: 2023.03.20

  1. Added the ability to grab Property Explorer Reports from House Canary for properties if you are an ROITK member.
  2. Adjusted text that mentioned submitted to Paul McComas to instead say submit to Housefolios.
  3. Fixed styling issue for Add Shared Property/Portfolio/Marketplace for those who have many organizations.
  4. We added the ability to feature specific properties on the Marketplace for ROITK and NLI.
  5. We added the orange question button on the Marketplace page.
  6. Removed workflows for non BRDevelop members for Build To Rent lots.
  7. Made changes to allow longer Marketplace names.  Up to 50 characters.
  8. Made it so the property details stays on the screen, even when you scroll, on larger screens.
  9. Added the ability to provide comma separated lists of emails when sharing properties, portfolios, marketplaces and portfolios.
  10. Added the ability to reorder comp images.
  11. Made it so if you click anywhere on the comp card, except the slider and come home image, it opens the Edit Comp window.
  12. Added the ability to delete custom columns.
  13. Added more fields for the Marketplace: Marketplace Video and Pre Approved URL.