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Release Notes: 2022.11.02

  1. Made the majority of field strategy specific, meaning that if I change the closing cost in one strategy, the other strategy’s closing cost fields are not affected.


  2. Updated the Assumptions sections (Organization and Portfolio) to show assumptions based on a strategy.


  3. Updated the Critical Fields Dialog to show a strategy’s critical fields based on the strategy selected in the drop down.


  4. On the Card view, in a portfolio, different targets will show on the card depending on its strategy. The targets are the same one seen on the Property Dashboard.


  5. Updated the List view to show/use strategy specific data.


  6. Updated the proformas to show/use strategy specific data.


  7. Adjusted our queries to only pull relevant strategy data to help speed up querying portfolio properties.


  8. Changed the Avg Rate field to be an assumption in order to allow users to change what that value pre populates to, depending on their portfolio.


  9. Updated our Marketplace to accept all the new strategy specific data.