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Release Notes: 2022.09.27

  1. Added the ability to Crop, Zoom and Rotate uploaded images for Personal and Org Setting images, Property and Comp Property images.

  2. Changed the update ARV checkbox in the Edit Comp dialog to appear in the Compare Estimates Dialog.

  3. Added the ability to edit and delete saved searches on the Property Search page.

  4. Added the Partner Home365 as a Property Management Company for select zip codes across the United States.

  5. Updated the Apply for Lending Process. The property gets submitted to Housefolios and it can be approved or rejected.

  6. Added a demo report page for internal use.

  7. Updated the Rehab Level options to be clearer.

  8. Added a Submitted By text on the submitted property card and list views.

  9. Added a Rent Type dropdown with the options being Single Rent and Rent Range.

  10. Added a Rehab Type dropdown with the options being Single Rehab; Detailed Rehab; Rehab Tier; and Flipping America Rehab.