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Release Notes: 2022.09.12

  1. Added a comps card to every strategy. This will help give more visibility into the comps data without having to be on the comps page.

  2. Changed the comps button in the left nav to be more visible.

  3. Updated the look of the Southern Impression marketing proforma.

  4. Added the following fields in Edit Property: Flood Zone, Notes and added two new options in the Sewer dropdown.

  5. Added a Southern Impression section in edit property, with fields specific to their org.

  6. Added the date of when a Marketplace was shared on the Share Marketplace dialog.

  7. Added the ability to remove a Partner Org’s subscription, which is being paid for by another organization.

  8. Added the ability to Approve/Reject properties that are submitted to a shared Marketplace.

  9. Changed the look of how submitted properties appear in the left nav.