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Release Notes: 2022.07.08

  1. Adjusted IRR calculation for more accuracy with larger numbers.

  2. Fixed an issue where the Max Offer Price for Short Term Rental would not show because of a lack of data.

  3. Fixed an issue where the buyer profit in the Wholesale strategy wouldn’t show data.

  4. Fixed an issue where a property that was listed on the Marketplace wouldn’t send the correct status value to the Marketplace.

  5. We made it so if you update the status of a property that is listed on the Marketplace in Housefolios, a prompt to update the Marketplace comes up.

  6. Fixed an issue where find comps would throw an error for certain types of addresses.

  7. Fixed the summary values of My Profit and Gorilla Profit for Gorilla affiliates to match what is in the Fix and Flip strategy.