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Release Notes: 2022.06.27

  1. Fixed an issue where the site wouldn’t remember if you chose to have a workflow open or not.

  2. Fixed the Contact Agent lender field to be a text field and not a drop down.

  3. Added the breakdown dialog when you click on the total return and total return percentage calculation.

  4. Moved Personal Preferences and Manage Password into the Actions button on the personal settings page.

  5. Moved Create Organization, Organization Preferences, Manage Disclaimers into the actions button on the Organization Settings page.

  6. Fix the text on the ribbon on Marketplace properties. Some text was too long so we made the text fit the ribbon.

  7. The subject property will always be the top marker on the comps map so it doesn’t get hidden by other markers.

  8. Aligned menu icons and text in the property dashboard and right click menus.

  9. There was a lot of overlap on lot and property fields and we consolidated the overlaps to be property data instead of lot data.

  10. Fixed an amortization issue where the last payment didn’t have interest.

  11. If you copy a property with no images, the system will do a check to see if it can find any images for the copied property.

  12. Added the BOR strategy, it is not enabled by default.

  13. Added Affiliate logos to the Sign In page if redirected from housefolios.com.

  14. Added the ability to choose the property type (single family or multi family) when doing Add Property.

  15. Added the default Strategy and Strategies fields to Add Property. Removed the Asking Price field from the same dialog, as we will attempt to get an asking price for the entered address.

  16. Fixed an issue with the sign up process leaving orphan data.

  17. Added an Update Estimates dialog to help see how estimates changed when other fields are changed. This dialog also lets you update the estimates or keep them the same.

  18. If a property does not return comps or potential comps and a property’s beds/baths/sqft/year/zip code get changed, the system will ask to run Find Comps based on the updated information.

  19. Adjusted the Edit saved searches to have the same fields as Add Saved Search.

  20. Added the ability to bulk share properties with other people.

  21. Adjusted how Dropdown, slider and checkbox fields are saved.

  22. Fixed the beds, baths, sqft and year fields to only allow numbers in the add plan dialog.

  23. Fixed an issue where the bottom select bar wouldn’t go away after selecting a property in a Marketplace.

  24. Adjusted how an internal email sends data.

  25. Added the ability to add files in the manage files section of a property.

  26. Fixed issues that were reported about lots and build to rent.

  27. Added more affiliate tools in the Housefolios Admin section.

  28. Adjusted Property Search to get data in intervals.