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Release Notes: 2022.05.16

  1. Updated the calculations for Gorilla affiliates.

  2. Fixed an issue with the filter function that caused all filters to be not applied.

  3. Fixed an issue with the targets card on a Strategy Page. It showed the wrong color in rare cases.

  4. Added Projected And Actual Start and End dates to the Renovation Budget.

  5. Added the ability to mark if a unit is owner occupied.

  6. Added text to help know the percentage of mortgage that a property’s units are paying.

  7. Fixed issues with our image stockpile.

  8. Fixed interface issues on the reports page.

  9. Fixed mobile interface issue with the Sold Price in the Add Comp dialog.

  10. Fixed mobile interface issue with the Max Offer Price on strategy pages.

  11. Fixed mobile interface issue with the offer to close workflow.

  12. Added the ability to update property estimates if certain fields, that the estimates are based on, change.

  13. Made dialogs easier to reuse. Added the Partner Portal option in the left nav. This lets affiliates view reports and upload files/videos for their users.

  14. Affiliate users can now view uploaded videos and files that are provided by the affiliate. This can be viewed on the Launchpad and Training pages.

  15. Created more flexibility for affiliates and partners in the database.

  16. Created more flexibility for workflows in the database.

  17. Added the ability to see personal Billing Transactions for Housefolios.

  18. Added the ability to see affiliate related Billing Transactions for Housefolios.

  19. Created more flexibility for Strategy cards in the database.

  20. Fixed an issue where the wrong comp dialog would appear.

  21. Fixed an issue where the analytics weren’t showing on a Marketplace property that appears in Property Search.

  22. Added Housefolios web page urls to our emails.

  23. The Edit Proforma dialog now auto selects the first four images for the user, if the user hasn’t selected any for a property.

  24. The link to the example CSV upload file has been made more visible.

  25. The Upload Multiple Properties dialog now closes when you upload a file.

  26. After using the Forgot Password page, you get redirected to the sign-in page.

  27. When clicking Manage plan, this page gets opened in a new tab instead of using the existing tab.

  28. Fixed mobile interface issues on the manage images page.

  29. Added some more error handling when connecting to our API.

  30. Fixed an issue where saving a property search wouldn’t actually save.

  31. Fixed an issue where using Add Single Property would not actually save.

  32. When duplicating a portfolio, the newly created copy will have the same order of properties that the original has.

  33. Added some more data validation checks on our password fields.

  34. Added Lot Size, Basement Sqft, Remodel Year, Parking, A/C, and Home Type fields to the Edit Property page.

  35. Added the ability to remove access to shared properties/portfolios. This can happen on both ends of the share.

  36. Fixed an interface issue with the Export Property button.