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Release Notes: 2022.04.12

  1. Fixed our date pickers to default to the Day view. If it is only month and year, we default to month.

  2. Made our AVM api calls smarter. Added more conditionals to determine if an AVM call is needed.

  3. Added a distance filter to the comps filter system.

  4. Made the offer to close Buyer and Seller cards collapsible.

  5. Fixed some text and values that were incorrect in the calculation breakdown dialogs.

  6. Fixed an issue where if you selected “Search Anyway” while looking for comps, a different dialog briefly appeared.

  7. Added a property count next to Marketplaces. If you hover over the number, you can select an action button that lets you do things with that selected Marketplace.

  8. Fixed an issue where the circular progress didn’t come up when adding comps after adding a property.

  9. Fixed an issue where the snackbar for adding comps came up at the wrong time.

  10. Fixed an issue where Marketplace properties wouldn’t show Turnkey values, even when specifically selected to show.

  11. Made our Geocode api calls smarter. Added more conditionals to determine if a Geocode call is needed.

  12. Added code to help make find comp progress more understandable for smaller batches of comps that get added.

  13. Added a Manage Files section on the Property Dashboard to help users quickly see all the files associated with the property.

  14. Updated location of where we save certain files so it is more organized.

  15. Fixed an issue where a person who accepted a shared portfolio from another organization had more buttons than they needed in the help button.

  16. Added the ability to share an individual property with someone.

  17. Adjusted what options appeared in the Actions button and the Help button in order to be more organized.

  18. Added the ability to change a property type to be a Multi Family with 2 to 4 units.

  19. Adjusted some queries to handle situations where strings of text needed to be case insensitive for Find Comps.

  20. Added the ability to click on a comp on the map view, which then opens the Edit dialog for that comp.

  21. Added the ability to update a property’s location based on a user placed marker on the map view in the Property Dashboard. This can fix issues where the saved Google images (which are correct) do not match what is showing on the Google map/street view.

  22. Added the ability to hide cards in a strategy page. This is in the Customize Layout area in a strategy page.

  23. Added an email that gets sent internally to help make sure property search cities match Google provided cities.

  24. Renamed internal files to be clearer for development.

  25. Added some upcoming affiliate logos and their sign up processes.

  26. Updated some development packages to their newer versions.

  27. Added the ability to recharge an existing card for someone who has canceled their account previously.

  28. Updated the trash page to have the correct icon and fixed the issue where the nav menu wasn’t showing up.

  29. Added the ability to Empty the trash by hovering over the number of trash properties and clicking the action button.

  30. Added an Amortization breakdown of a property. User has the ability to use growth rates in the calculations or not.