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Release Notes: 2022.03.21

  1. Updated images on the front page of housefolios.com.

  2. Updated the Property Dashboard to only show workflows relevant to the strategy.

  3. Making changes on the Edit Property and Edit Lot pages now save on change instead of having to click a button to submit changes.

  4. Added the ability for members to see specific videos that the coaches have created for them.

  5. Added an Affiliate Dashboard to see details related to signups and commissions.

  6. Replaced the old Intercom article for Comps with our new Intercom article in the Underwriting workflow.

  7. Made some adjustments to add single property to make sure we get the most recent data first, then fill in gaps with other data resources after.

  8. Added more info to our environment files.

  9. All emails (including ones with attachments) use AWS SES now instead of sgMail.

  10. Adjusted the Marketplace page to be able to select properties again. We also added the ability to bulk analyze or bulk list/delist properties on the Marketplace from that page.

  11. We highlighted the distance or date sold for comps to help determine why a comp is considered potential and not an actual comp.

  12. Fixed an issue where on mobile, a Nav button disappeared.

  13. Fixed an issue with the Find Comps dialog where it wouldn’t show max values if there wasn’t data in either, Beds, Baths, Sqft, or Year.

  14. Fixed an issue where if you tried to sign up and the email was already in use, you would have to adjust Credit Card fields even after changing to an unused email address.

  15. Fixed Beds, Baths, Sqft and Year fields to not allow negative numbers

  16. Adjusted the CMA report to show 20 comps instead of all comps to be able to make it so it could be emailed.

  17. Updated layout images in Org preferences for the strategies: BRRRR, Build to Rent, and Short Term Rental.

  18. Added more user activity data for the Forgot Password and Add Team Member actions.

  19. Added an End Tour button to the Take Action tour on the Property Dashboard so it was like the other tours.

  20. Changed the label Zone to Zoning on the Edit Lot/Property pages.

  21. Added Product Tours to each card on each strategy page to help the user understand each field better.

  22. Added a tour to help users know how to provide feedback.

  23. Changed file names internally to help troubleshooting process.

  24. Fixed some issues with the circular progress bar and snackbar when added Comps automatically.

  25. Fixed an issue with our image stockpile.