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Release Notes: 2022.02.08

  1. Added some conditionals to internal emails about Customer’s marketplaces.

  2. Added an expired link page for the Forgot Password process. If the link is expired the user gets sent to this new page.

  3. Adjusted brdevelop’s workflows.

  4. Added some User Preferences so each user can change certain things to their liking.

  5. Added a Powered By Housefolios logo for members.

  6. Made Enter Actuals for owned properties more mobile friendly.

  7. Replaced our current Tour System with a new one.

  8. Made the bottom nav for Checked Properties/Comps/Images, etc. more mobile friendly.

  9. Added an Expired Link page for inviting team members process. If the link is expired the user gets sent to this new page.

  10. For Mobile users, we added an option to hide/show the search bar in Portfolios, Property Search, Marketplace and Comps pages.

  11. Added auto apply coupon functionality at sign up.

  12. Added user activity for editing Marketplaces.

  13. Fixed an issue where proforma’s couldn’t use webp format files.

  14. Updated the majority of our email to use AWS SES.

  15. Added customization capabilities to the proforma.

  16. Fixed the Bonus Property dialog to be more mobile friendly.

  17. Fix an issue where if you clicked the Heart button on the list view, it would select that same property.

  18. Removed the needs info dialog in the trash section.Fixed an issue where the Renovation Budget workflow could be collapsed but never opened again in mobile view.

  19. Made all the Marketplace actions the same in the left nav as the actions in the Marketplace settings page.

  20. Turnkey insurance goes off of the End Buyer Purchase Price now instead of the original asking price.

  21. Added the ability to handle differences between Trail vs Trl in addresses. This is for all suffixes (Blvd, Ct, Dr, etc).

  22. Fixed an issue where our call to our API threw an error in the correct the address dialog.

  23. Certain createaccount pages didn’t have helper text if a bad credit card was user. We added the helper text to be more user friendly.

25.  Fixed an issue where the Edit Property page’s unsaved changes bar would appear/disappear when you first loaded that page.

26.  Fixed an issue where you had to press the X button on the unsaved changes bar twice to undo changes for Asking Price.

27.  Adjusted the save property search dialog to be one dialog instead of two

28.  Made which fields are required more clear in the Correct the Address dialog.