New Marketplace

Home Page

This is where people go by default when they go to your marketplace.

  1. This is the name of your Marketplace that you set while logged in at
  2. This is the Featured Properties section. It allows you to show up to 6 properties. You can select which properties while logged into While logged in, click on your marketplace. Click the actions button and then Featured Properties. The top dropdown is how you can select the properties. The bottom section is if you want to reorder the featured properties.


At the bottom of the home page, if you added a Calendly link while adding or editing your Marketplace while in, a Calendly section will appear:



View Properties

This shows all properties on the Marketplace that do not have a status of Sold.

This page is a lot more similar to in that it allows your Marketplace users to search for properties, change how the properties are presented: Card or List View.  You can view the total analytics of the entire Marketplace, view where the properties are on the map, and filter properties out based on specific property criteria.


The cards are displaying values you selected while listing the properties on the Marketplace:

  • The Status field currently shows in the blue banner for the properties but we will make it so it gives you the option to choose the status or extra tags. Stay tuned!  Note:  if the status Sold is selected it will appear in the Past Sales page.
  • The Display Analysis affects what fields can be displayed on the bottom of the card.
  • The Proforma Type lets you choose which Proforma you would like your users to see for this property.
  • The
  • Extra Tags - See the blue banner section.
  • Primary Fields are the fields that are shown at the bottom of the Marketplace property card.
  • List on Marketplace lets you upload a property to multiple Marketplaces if you have more than one.
  • You are also able to hide the address of the property on the Marketplace if desired.

The card, on the right, is a preview of how that property will look on the Marketplace.  Changing most of the fields on the left will affect the preview.


Past Sales

This shows all properties on the Marketplace that have a status of Sold.  Everything about this page is the same as View Properties, except that one aspect.



This shows the Team Members associated with the organization that owns this Marketplace.


This page gets populated with the Team Members of the Organization that owns your Marketplace.  While in if you go to Settings, Team this is the list of team members that will show in the list.  The Marketplace will display each user’s picture, name, job title and user bio.


Property Page

This is a breakdown of the Marketplace property and how it got its target values.


The Property Analysis page is like what a user in will see when analyzing a property.  This is where a user can see the income and expenses, property images and description etc.

The Neighborhood Info page shows where the property is located on a Google Map. It also shows what you marked the property’s Neighborhood and Property grades


The Documentation page shows helpful documents that you want potential buyers to see for this Marketplace property.

You can upload these files while logged into  When you are listing a single property on the Marketplace, the second screen will let you upload files for this Marketplace property and they will show up on the Documentation Page.



*Note: The Marketplace Video URL in the previous image is used if you want to display a video on the Home page of the Marketplace.


The View Proforma page gives the users a look at this property’s Proforma.


The Property Explorer Report is an additional report with in depth details about a property.  This report costs money per report made.  It will not show if this report has not been purchased.