How Assumptions work

This article covers the following:

  1. Assumption hierarchy

  2. Organization Assumptions - What they are and how to change them

  3. Portfolio Assumptions - What they are and how to change them

  4. Property Assumptions - What they are and how to change them

  5. How to bulk update the assumptions for your whole account - Portfolios and properties


Assumption Hierarchy

Assumptions will save you hours of time by removing the tedious process of entering them in manually for each property. There are three levels of assumptions inside Housefolios:

  1. Organization Assumptions: These are the default assumptions for each NEW portfolio created.

  2. Portfolio Assumptions: Any property moved or added to this portfolio will inherit its assumptions.

  3. Property Assumptions: These assumptions are unique to that individual property and do not affect any other property in that portfolio.


Organization Assumptions

What it affects:
Your organization level assumptions are inherited by any new portfolio created. Changing your Organization Assumptions will NOT affect existing portfolios, only NEW ones.

How to change them:
Navigate to your Settings: Click Assumptions

***Important Note: Your new Organization Assumptions will be applied to all NEW
portfolios you create. It will not affect any existing portfolios.

To change the assumptions of existing portfolios, you need to edit each portfolio's
assumptions individually.


Portfolio Assumptions

What it affects:
Any property created in or moved to a portfolio inherits that portfolio's assumptions.

How to change them:
Hover your mouse over the portfolio name on the left nav bar and click on the 3 dots



***Important Note: Your new Portfolio Assumptions will be applied to all NEW properties you create or move to that portfolio. It will not affect any existing properties already in that portfolio.

To change the assumptions to existing properties in that portfolio, you will need to edit each property. You can do this individually or in BULK.


Property Assumptions

What it affects:
A property's assumptions only affect that individual property. They will not affect other properties in that portfolio

How to change them:
Click on a property, choose a Financial analysis, and then Projection assumptions:



How to bulk edit/update your assumptions for your whole account

Changing each level:
There may come times when you need to update the assumptions for your whole account (i.e. interest rates change, etc.)


You will need to change your assumptions on ALL 3 LEVELS

  1. Update Organization Assumptions: When you create new portfolios, they will have these assumptions.

  2. Update Your Assumptions in Each Existing Portfolio: Any new property added will assume these portfolio assumptions
  3. Bulk Update Property Assumption