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Housefolios vs Propstream

This is a frequent question our team gets. Here is a quick comparison of the two Softwares:

Data Comparison:

  • Propstream has been around for a while and as a result, provides you with immense amounts of data for each property.

  • Housefolios also gathers data but we don't yet have as much data as Propstream. We do gather all necessary data to perform a full financial analysis though (comps, ARV, rent, taxes, etc.)

Analyzing Properties Comparison:

  • Propstream has a calculator that you can manually input data into. It does take several minutes to input all the required fields though.


  • Housefolios analyzes properties for you. You type the address and Housefolios automatically gathers the data and runs the calculations for you. Within seconds you have a full financial analysis.

Analytics Comparison:

  • Propstream is more focused on providing their awesome data rather than financial analytics. If you complete their calculators they do spit out numbers.

  • Housefolios' sole focus is helping you to find and analyze investment properties quickly. We display the analytics you need in a way that is easy to understand at a glance.

Bulk Analysis Comparison:

  • Propstream does not allow you to analyze multiple properties at a time. You need to analyze each one individually.

  • Housefolios lets you import a list of properties or import directly from the MLS and it will gather data and analyze each individual property. This is a popular feature because you can import 100 properties and within a few seconds, Housefolios has gathered the data and analyzed all 100. This allows you to sort or filter and find the best investment properties (a task which normally takes 40-50 hours to perform on your own without Housefolios)

Recommending Strategies Comparison:

  • Propstream gives you the calculations you need but you'll need to complete a separate calculator for each potential strategy. You'll also need to know what the numbers mean because you'll need to be able to read through the analysis generated for each strategy to see which you should pursue.

  • Simply type in the address and Housefolios will display all the strategies and indicate which you should choose based on your financial targets (Green = on target and Red = below target). This allows you to see at a glance whether you should Buy & Hold, Fix & Flip, or Pass on that property.

Which should you choose?

If you're only looking to get the most data possible, Propstream is a better choice. They have an abundance of data.

If you're looking to analyze properties so you can quickly find the best investments and ensure whether or not you should pursue an opportunity, then Housefolios is the obvious choice.