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Housefolios vs Mashvisor

Housefolios is for real estate investors that want to earn more on every property, every time. We gather all necessary data to perform a full financial analysis though (comps, ARV, rent, taxes, etc.) for available properties throughout the United States. The software determines whether it would be more profitable to Buy and Hold; Fix & Flip; Turnkey; or pass on a property.


Mashvisor is for real estate investors and agents looking for a cloud-based software to make profitable real estate investments and rental strategy decisions. They are basically focused on Air B&B and rental properties.

Sharing Property

Housefolios: You can create Buy/Hold and End Buyer Proforma Reports; Upload your own Proforma Report; email a report and also List on the Marketplace.


Mashvisor: You can share the property with a friend or agent and they will get access to the property report or you can download the PDF version of the report and share it with an agent.


Financial Analysis

Housefolios provides more financial analysis visuals in all sections, including Buy and Hold; Fix and Flip; and Turnkey.


Mashvisor provides interactive purchase analysis and an investment property calculator.