Assumptions are a vital part of finding properties that match your unique goals and strategies. You deserve to reduce the amount of effort you have to put in to determine if a property is a GO or a NO. Our software is designed to eliminate the guesswork and reduce the number-crunching time.

Reviewing Your Assumptions

Assumptions inside Housefolios are made up of five key areas that apply to all strategies followed by three assumption criteria specific to a particular investment strategy. You can find your assumptions by going to settings-assumptions or by clicking the "edit assumptions" button found in the main grid on your home dashboard.

Your main assumptions page looks like this and includes five key assumption areas:

  1. Acquisition

  2. Expense

  3. Financing

  4. Disposition

  5. Screening Assumptions

The three strategy-specific assumptions are:

  1. Target: Buy and Hold

  2. Target: Fix and Flip

  3. Target: Turnkey

All assumptions in the software are pre-populated with industry median numbers to give everyone a baseline for analyzing properties.

Editing Your Assumptions

You can tailor your assumptions at three tiers to give you complete control over the types of properties the system finds for you. The three assumption levels are:

  1. Organization Assumptions

  2. Portfolios Assumptions

  3. Property Assumptions

Each assumption tier performs the same function but applies to different items.

Your organization is the highest assumption tier and is a default setting for all analysis.

All portfolios created inside an organization inherit the assumption setting from the organization but can be customized to your strategy needs.

When analyzing properties, you move the property into a portfolio and the property inherits that portfolio’s assumptions. However, once you open the property to review all data, you can adjust assumptions directly on the property to further tailor your analysis.

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