The process for exporting from the MLS differs depending on which MLS you are using

Although the steps might slightly differ, the process is the same:

  1. Search for properties

  2. Select all the properties found by clicking the checkboxes

  3. Click on the Export button

Required Fields

In order to get the most accurate data in Housefolios you need to export the following fields:

  1. Street Address

  2. City

  3. State

  4. Zip

  5. Beds

  6. Baths

  7. Square feet

You will further speed up your process if you add even more fields such as:

  1. Year

  2. Property Description

  3. Taxes

  4. Agent Info

  5. Agent Contact info

By default, most MLSs do not include ALL the fields that the software needs to analyze a property. Therefore, you may need to set up a custom export (This takes about 3 minutes).

Here are a few of the most common ways to set up custom exports:

Paragon MLS

  • After searching, click on Customize > Fields

  • Once your fields are set, click on the Export button (right next to Customize)

Matrix MLS

Here's a quick video on setting up your own custom export

Select All > Export

After searching for properties, you may need to check the box at the top left to specify which properties you'd like to export.

After selecting all, click on the export button. It is generally located above the table or at the bottom left of the table.

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