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ARV is not accurate

Housefolios gathers data from a number of different sources. For ARV, the software may find five to seven values. To see all those values, click on the search icon:


These values come from:

  • Zillow

  • Researches and Surveys that we've purchased, collected and aggregated

  • Eppraisal

  • etc.

What most of our users do, is see which of those values is most accurate in their areas.

What we do:
We actively invest in several markets in four different states. In some of those, we will almost always go off the "Eppraisal Mid-Range Estimate" for our initial screening. However, in two of our markets, the Zillow Zestimate is right on the money for us. The "best choice" depends on your area.


Quickly Screen Properties:

We helped a realtor in Ohio who analyzed 30 to 50 properties daily. Instead of manually analyzing each one (which usually took him an entire day), he put the spreadsheet into Housefolios and then filtered it by Cap Rate to narrow it down from 50 properties to 4. So, instead of spending hours analyzing 50 properties, he only had to verify the numbers for 4 of them.