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Analyzing a new property

Each time a property is added to the system, it will do an initial analysis and be marked with a status of "NEW" on the Card or List views in each portfolio.



On the Property Details page, you can click anywhere on the photo, and on the right-hand side of the screen is "Underwriting" where you can complete the following below:


1. Verify Property Details

This is where you confirm the property details. Most of the time, our property finders are very accurate with this information, but occasionally there will be a discrepancy in this data. You may change anything that is not correct here. If you find out later, you can always modify property details from the Property Dashboard.


2. Verify Financials

This is where you can adjust the financial details for this property, including the list price; market value; enter your rehab costs; any HOA dues that you are aware of; and verify the tax numbers.


3. Analyze Comps

This is where you can see comparable properties in the neighborhood of the property.


4. Offer Details and Resale Strategy:

Set your offer, strategy, and resale price to help determine the strength of the investment.


Property Images:

Housefolios will automatically import up to five photos. If there are no available photos for this property, a Google Maps street view screenshot will be added.


Street View:

Drive around this neighborhood virtually and see the curb appeal of the property as well as other neighborhood features.


5. Take Action:

If you accurately completed all the steps above, you are ready to take action! Create a report for your lender or buyer, list the property on the marketplace, or make an offer!