Seven Day Trial:

Housefolios offers a seven-day trial. During that trial, you are given a minimum of 10 properties to analyze.

Refund After Trial:

Each time a property is analyzed in our system, we have to pay money for the data that is gathered for that property. We do this because we want the best, most up-to-date data that we can find, which is expensive.

You can get a full refund if you have NOT analyzed any properties since your trial AND your refund request is within 30 days of the trial ending. If you have analyzed properties after your trial, we are unable to refund you because the data providers we have paid on your behalf do not accept any refunds.

To request a refund, please cancel your account by going into your SETTINGS > BILLING > CANCEL. Upon canceling, you will be shown a short survey. One of the questions asks if you need a refund. If your trial ended within 30 days, we can get you that refund.

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